Jobs of the Future

Publisher: The Jobs Of The Future Think Tank (non-profit)

Target Publish Date: December 1st, 2023

The Jobs Of The Future
(vol. 1)

For us by us to navigate the new world of work

by The Jobs of The Future Think Tank


The world of work is changing. Automation, artificial intelligence, and globalization are all disrupting traditional jobs. As a result, many people are feeling anxious, uncertain, and unprepared.

These times are quickly becoming our new norm. With the right insights, skills and education, anyone can find a fulfilling and rewarding career in the years to come. The future of work is full of tremendous opportunities.

This book will help you to navigate the new world of work. It will provide you with guidance, inspiration, and hope. See you on the inside.

In this book, you will learn about:

– The jobs that will be in demand in the years to come.
– The skills you need to succeed in the new world of work.
– How to find a job that you love.

This book is for anyone who is looking for guidance and inspiration in the new world of work. Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, or a seasoned professional, this book will help you to find your way.

Contributing Authors

Damu Winston

I am an American based in Dubai, an engineer with a focus on developing digital strategies, products, and services.

I am an early adopter of emerging technologies, like Blockchain, AI, VR, and graphene.

Following a career in consulting within the emerging technologies and innovation domains, which span the United States and countries in the Middle East. I have expanded into training and authoring literature about Blockchain and its impact on businesses and society as a whole.

Most importantly, I am an investor in people and a family man.

I am a client-obsessed, technology executive, motivated by helping my clients and teams re-imagine and implement things that others say can’t be done.

I do not live in the world of status-quo, and I do not allow boxes to be placed around real possibilities. I gravitate towards difficult challenges that require team problem solving and collective ingenuity.

I excel at growth (organic and acquisitive) which I attribute partly to the fact that I work hard at understanding client needs.

I truly listen with an intent to understand. I have a zeal for expanding U.S businesses in international regions.

 I frequently write about the impact of emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, on societies and economies.  

I am currently Chief Technology Officer for IBM in the Middle East and Africa and was appointed as an IBM Distinguished Engineer mostly for my work in blockchain and cloud technologies.

I live in and am focused on supporting the development of one of the most exciting and future-oriented places in the world –  the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Peter is an executive responsible for delivering global billion-dollar cloud revenue, building on decades of experience as a sales, solution, and technology leader.

He designs organizations and systems that are grounded in learning cultures with a foundation of diverse talent. Pete’s superpower is setting a compelling vision for the future, where both technology and human elements come together to drive outstanding business outcomes.

Pete is experienced in leading leaders and organizations of varying size, scope, responsibility,
and structure.

Tech Ethicist | Trailblazer | Diversity Equity Inclusion Practitioner | STEM Advocate | Builder

Xiaochen is a solutions-driven senior executive with over 20 years of proven excellence in designing and implementing transformative innovations in financial markets and international development.

He has launched and supported various ventures that have repeatedly demonstrated his expertise in building strategic partnerships devoted to driving the success of key initiatives across the globe for both public and private groups.

He is widely recognized and respected as an influential figure in digital economy, emerging technologies, cloud innovation, blockchain, Central Bank Digital Currency, Fintech, and Climate Finance. 00 Blockchain Influencers”. 

Anastasia "Tracy" Raissis

Accomplished Compliance & Risk Leader with extensive experience expertly guiding financial institutions through complex regulatory environments.

Proven success leading strategic business development and sales, thriving in the intersection of technology, innovation, policy, and the law.

Earned reputation in risk management and compliance, successfully leading organizations through periods of change and disruption, enabling international public sector financial institutions and inter-government organizations to achieve missions through scalable, resilient, and secure cloud technology and blockchain innovations.


Technology Executive: global customer experience, operations, service and product.

Proven record leading development of customer-centric products and services that significantly increase companies’ profiles, sales, and market values.

Consistent double-digit sales growth.

Passionate about helping companies harness the power of disruptive and emerging technologies to grow and improve the customer experience.

I lead large-scale Fortune 500 technology and talent transformations.

As a trusted former CTO with technical skills grounded in coding and deep product development experience.

I’ve spearheaded innovation initiatives from blueprint-to-execution and stood up or revitalized teams lean and large.

Saqr Mashhor Ereiqat is the Co-Founder / Managing Partner of Crypto Oasis Sentio, the ecosystem investment structure of Crypto Oasis. He is also the Co-Founder of Riddermark, a boutique advisory firm that invests and grows fintech, blockchain, healthtech, and govtech solutions.

A thirteen-year veteran of IBM in Middle East and Africa, he is the former Head of Public Sector Consultancy in Dubai, where is recognized as a pioneer in enterprise blockchain, being a co-author of the first IBM blockchain for government methodology and helped define the official government blockchain strategy of Dubai. While at IBM, Saqr led projects in 23 countries across Europe, Middle East & Africa where he worked with both public and private sector entities to define, create, and implement their blockchain strategies. Former clients include DHL, Shell, Airtel, Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA), Smart Dubai Government Establishment and The Prime Minister’s Office.

In the field of healthcare, Saqr has advised several large hospital conglomerates on their technology strategy and set up the National Health Lab for Emerging Technology for the Saudi Arabian Government. He is currently working with the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), the Arab Youth Center, and the Founder Institute as a mentor supporting startups in the region.

Shai Perednik is a global leader in web3 and blockchain technology with 6yrs at AWS and over 28 years of experience in the IT industry.

He led the segment for the AWS partner organization and led a pan-Amazon community of 1600+ Web3 enthusiasts. Shai has been in the blockchain space since 2010 when he built a bitcoin miner and in 2020 fully immersed into the blockchain space at Amazon, focusing on web3 and its foundations.

Shai’s conviction in blockchain fuels a passion that we’re at a point of major technological revolution that will shift the way society operates.

Marwan Alzarouni CISSP is a Crypto Pioneer and the CEO of Dubai’s Blockchain Center. The center provides crypto training courses and awareness programs for students, entrepreneurs and government departments.

He currently holds the position of Director of Information Services at Dubai Electronic Security Center.

Marwan has written a number of award-winning academic papers and presented them in such conferences as the Australian Information Warfare & Security Conference, the Australian Computer, Network & Information Forensics Conference and the Australian Information Security Management Conference.

Dr Jane is the inaugural chair of the World Metaverse Council and a thought leader in the rapidly developing field of Metaverse, which is projected by Citi to be a $13 trillion industry by 2030. 

A well known author, she is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of “Metaverse”, and “Frontiers in Blockchain” and has published over 40 peer reviewed articles, and multiple books including “Blockchain for Global Social Change,” and has a book on Web 3.0 forthcoming “Advancements in the New World of Web 3: A Look Toward the Decentralized Future” 


Manie is a futurist, with a legal background and an international strategic management track record in financial services, IT and telecommunications; broadcast and mobile media and entertainment; and investment management.

Under the DigitalFutures banner Manie has provided trusted advisory services in digital currencies, tokenization, blockchain applications, and ‘Digital Asset Tokenization, Value Creation and Exchange’ (30+ projects). He helped launch the first bitcoin ATM in the world in Vancouver BC in 2013.

New Thought Leader (coming soon)

A consultancy dedicated to helping organizations to innovate, advocate, and communicate their culture, processes, and products/services.

Paul was a global VP at Amazon for 23 years, most recently as Amazon’s VP for Global Innovation Policy and Communications.

He is an engineer/scientist (BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Princeton University, 1985; senior research projects in the Physics Department). He also is an attorney (JD George Mason University, 1993; Distinguished Achievement Award, 2001).

Dante comes to Circle with two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, business leader and global risk expert, most recently as founder and Chairman of Risk Cooperative, a strategic risk advisory and insurance brokerage based in Washington, D.C.

He is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Digital Currency Governance Consortium, helping drive global standards and regulatory harmonization for digital currencies. Dante served as an appointee on the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Advisory Council, the United States’ federal emergency response agency.

Dante is a frequent speaker and commentator on business and political issues shaping the world.

Laila is a highly respected global futurist leader with over 18 years of experience in the Government and Private sector.

As a renowned expert in Smart Cities and Digital Transformation, she has been at the forefront of Metaverse development since 2006.

With a strong focus on the Middle East, Laila has become one of the region’s leading Smart Cities advisors.

She is currently leading an advisory company in smart and sustainable cities, while also serving as an advisor for different global consulting firms. 

I am a lifelong entrepreneur working at the cross-section of brand marketing, emerging tech, culture, and experiences.

I focus on growth for my partners at Invisible North and Noun, and I’ve been an advisor to The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival for over twenty years.

I’m also incredibly passionate about web3 and helping evolve the decentralized digital future.

NEW THOUGHT LEADER COMING SOON. l is a globally recognized metaverse/ web3 strategist, tech futurist, sought-after business executive, speaker and media personality with deep expertise working in metaverse-related fields with companies like HTC VIVE, Magic Leap, and Amazon Web Services. She’s the Chief Metaverse Officer & Co-founder of Journey, where she leads Journey’s Metaverse Studio working with the world’s top brands on metaverse/web3 strategies, NFTs, gaming, virtual fashion, and how to extend their brands into virtual worlds.

Her consultancy, Futures Intelligence Group, was acquired in just 10 months and now a part of Journey.

Chike is currently the Head of Crypto Policy and Emerging Markets’ Strategy at Visa. He has a lifelong passion to empower untapped and under-banked communities and believes that crypto is a tool that will foster financial inclusion globally. Before Visa, Chike founded Startup52, NYC’s first diversity-focused tech accelerator focused on creating better access to resources, capital, and support for founders from untapped communities. At 35, he ran for president of Nigeria, becoming the youngest presidential candidate in Nigeria and Africa. He is an alumni Colin Powell Fellow in Public Policy, an inductee to the UN’s Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) Hall of Fame, among other accolades, and holds an executive MBA from Howard University’s School of Business. Chike is currently based in New York, loves fried sweet plantains (it’s a Nigerian thing!), and can’t wait to become a #dogdad again

My mission is to empower the next generation of STEM leaders by inspiring, mentoring, and coaching them in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics content and careers.

I strive to fulfill this mission through my work with MathSP and STEM Gems.

First Emirati to participate in an International space program that was conducted by the International Space University (ISU) and took place at the MIT in the summer of 1988.

Have founded and led the Emirates Identity Authority from 2005 – 2007 and was responsible to develop the UAE national smart ID card project (EID).

Has co-authored the book Digital Nation: How the UAE is building a future based on tech innovation and has written several articles and reports that were published at Harvard Business Review Arabia and Dubai Policy Review Journal.

To inspire people to dream without limits by sitting in the cross-section of fashion, lifestyle, culture, and tech. I was immersed in the fashion industry for the last 15 years leading design teams for streetwear, luxury, and global fashion brands. In 2018 I transitioned out of the traditional fashion Web 2.0 ecosystems and now I dedicate my time to developing IP and assisting brands to unlock the full potential of Web 3.0.

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