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SuperAwesome Expands Youth-Focused Advertising Beyond the Metaverse, Emphasizing Safety and Growth Opportunities

Although SuperAwesome is no longer under the banner of Epic Games, the youth-focused ad marketplace has set its sights on expanding its reach and targeting new opportunities in kids advertising beyond the metaverse. CEO Kate O’Loughlin shared this gameplan with AdExchanger, revealing the company’s determination to continue its success in catering to the advertising needs of youth. With a strong focus on providing a safe and suitable online environment for children, SuperAwesome has become a trusted platform for advertisers looking to effectively engage with this important demographic.

SuperAwesome’s roots go back over three years ago when it was acquired by Epic Games. However, in September, the company was spun off and became an independent entity. This newfound independence has allowed SuperAwesome to explore new avenues and seek out opportunities that extend beyond its previous affiliation. By prioritizing the youth market, SuperAwesome has positioned itself as a key player in the advertising realm, understanding the importance of responsible and thoughtful engagement with children online.

One example of SuperAwesome’s commitment to creating a safe online environment is its Kidfluencer initiative. This program enables brands to partner with young influencers who have undergone rigorous safety checks and screening processes. By leveraging the influence of these trusted kidfluencers, brands can authentically connect with their target audience while maintaining a high level of security and protection for young users.

SuperAwesome’s success can also be attributed to its advanced technology and understanding of the digital landscape. By staying at the forefront of developments in the industry, SuperAwesome is able to adapt to evolving trends and meet the changing needs of advertisers and children alike. The company’s deep expertise in navigating the complexities of digital advertising, combined with its commitment to adhere to compliance regulations, sets it apart in the industry.

Looking ahead, SuperAwesome is determined to continue expanding its youth-focused ad marketplace and capitalizing on new opportunities for growth. By understanding the unique dynamics of advertising to children and maintaining a responsible approach, the company is primed to achieve further success. As the digital landscape evolves and the importance of safe and appropriate engagement with children becomes increasingly crucial, SuperAwesome remains at the forefront of ensuring effective and responsible advertising practices.

SuperAwesome’s journey beyond its association with Epic Games has unleashed a new era of possibilities. As it continues to provide a safe and engaging online environment for children, SuperAwesome is capitalizing on new opportunities and shaping the future of kids advertising. By employing advanced technology, adhering to compliance regulations, and cultivating partnerships with trusted kidfluencers, the company is setting the industry standard for responsible advertising to children. With a clear gameplan for expansion, SuperAwesome is ready to take on the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie beyond the metaverse.

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