September 19th, 2023

Emerging Tech Community Roundtable

 — This event will foster collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking, ultimately contributing to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the exciting future of Web3 Technology. Whether you are an artist, developer, investor, or simply curious about the Web3 Technology space, this event promises to be a valuable and enlightening experience.- We deliver the tools, knowledge, and connections to help you make it happen.

Who is Speaking

Laila Al Hadhram

Managing Director Communities Connect Cities (C3)

Fatma Elsafty

Founder & CEO  MetaEssence| Applied Futurist

Damu Winston

Global Leader, Web3 (Intelligent Web, Ownership Web, and Immersive Web)

About the Event

As Web3 Technologies continue to evolve, it is crucial to delve into the dynamic landscape of Web3 Technology and contemplate what the future holds for this exciting and disruptive technology. This event aims to provide an in-depth exploration of the potential, challenges, and innovations that await in the realm of Web3 Technology.

Meet the Moderator

Anastasia "Tracy" Raissis

Managing Director Communities Connect Cities (C3)

Anastasia “Tracy” Raissis is a dynamic C-level leader and futurist innovative strategist with decades of experience in banking and fintech focused on compliance, risk management and business development in emerging technologies. Navigating organizations through transforming business models in the face of digital disruption has been a hallmark of Tracy’s career. Her unique combination of skills in governance, risk and compliance, business, and financial services allows her to navigate transforming business models in the face of digital disruption.