Emerging Tech Community Roundtable

 — This event will foster collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking, ultimately contributing to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the exciting future of Web3 Technology. Whether you are an artist, developer, investor, or simply curious about the Web3 Technology space, this event promises to be a valuable and enlightening experience

Topic:    Intersection of Web3 and Metaverse

Date:      November 7th, 2023

TIME:      11am (EST)

Who is Speaking

Aditya Khurjekar

CEO & Founder, MEDICI Global (C3)

Cleve Mesidor

Executive Director Blockchain Foundation

Gary Brandeleer

Senior Director of Product Management, Emerging Tech and Products at Salesforce

About the Event

Join us on a journey that delves deep into the intersection of Web3 and the metaverse, where blockchain, decentralized ecosystems, and immersive digital spaces converge to redefine the way we live, work, and interact in the digital age.

Discover how Web3’s decentralized infrastructure empowers individuals to have true ownership of their digital assets within the metaverse, fostering unprecedented levels of creativity, collaboration, and economic opportunity. At the “Intersection of Web3 & Metaverse,” we will unlock the potential of this dynamic fusion, exploring its impact on industries, the creation of digital economies, and the democratization of online experiences.

Meet the Moderator

Xiaochen Zhang

CEO of FinTech4Good

Xiaochen Zhang am the founder and CEO of FinTech4Good, a global network that collaborates with startups, industry leaders, nonprofits, and investors to harness blockchain, AI, metaverse, and cloud computing for social good. He is an Investor at Gaingels, a leading venture capital network that supports diverse and underrepresented founders in FinTech and artificial intelligence.


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